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Ice Pack Gel Eye Mask for Puffy or Swollen Eyes, Migraine, Relaxation, Reusable Soothing Cooling Mask with Elastic Band and Super Soft Plush for Hot Cold Therapies and Eye Treatment


– GEL BEADS CONTOUR TO THE SHAPE OF YOUR FACE – With flexible gel pearls, this collagen eye mask comfortably conforms to the shape of your face, just like a memory foam pillow! It’s designed to retain its temperature, longer, for therapeutic treatment.

– DELIVERS SOOTHING HOT OR COLD RELIEF, YOU CHOOSE – Use the eye mask to create a cool ice pack compress to relieve puffy eyes or a heating pad to reduce swelling. The plastic medical eye mask filled with ergo beads is an intense temperature therapy offering soothing pain relief and an all around relaxing experience.

– SUITABLE FOR EVEN THE MOST SENSITIVE SKIN – Most ordinary ice packs require a towel to be wrapped around it for insulation and to create a protective barrier. This eye pillow has a velcro strap for a comfortable fit, eliminating the need of a towel.

– SOOTHING TREATMENT FOR MANY ACHES AND PAINS – Use the Velcro-like strap to secure it, and in as few as 5 minutes you’ll feel relief. The eye pad helps Swelling, Puffiness, Dryness, Dark Circles, Under Eye Bags, Headaches, TMJ, Allergies, Sinus Issues, Bruxism, Acne, Blackheads, Sleeping, and Aging Skin.

– EASY TO USE, REUSABLE, AND WASHABLE – This hot cold gel pack relieves irritated eyes without messy lubricants or side effect laden decongestants. The hydrating mask is ultra-durable and hand washable so you can enjoy its magical benefits for years to come

Use for heat to help relieve:

Puffy eyes, dry eyes,tension, dark circles, fatigue, stress and other eye issues.

Use for cold to help relieve :

Fever,sinus pressure, headache, migraine, allergies, blepharitis, wrinkle


Hot Use: Please put the eye mask into hot water for 5 minutes(hot water temperature is about 60 degrees), then you can use.
Cold Use: Please put the eye mask into the refrigerator for 10-30 minutes, then you can wear the eye mask for about 5~10minutes.

Beautiful gift for family or friends

Are you tired of popping pills and taking medicine to find some relief? Here’s the perfect solution for you. Our eye mask is one of the best pain relief tools. You can use the eye mask to reduce dryness, puffiness, swelling, dark circles, fine lines & other aging signs. This eye pillow will also help to overcome the issues like lack of sleep or stress. You’ll feel relaxed & refreshed each time after using our gel bead mask

Healing Powers of Hot & Cold Therapy:

Our face mask with ergo gel bead technology help ease the pain when you need it the most. Use the eye mask to create cool compress to relieve puffy eyes or heating pad to reduce swelling

Relief & Comfort For Eyes:

The ultimate dark circles & bags reducing treatment! Our medical eye mask is perfect for cold or hot to relieve different eye issues, such as itchiness, dryness, swelling, puffing, dark circles & redness. It also makes the eyes appear sharp and brighter

Hole design allows you to use it anytime, anywhere

Ergo-Gel Bead Technology:

This gel bead mask is made with flexible gel pearls. Whether you’re looking for relief from migraine, puffy eyes, dark circles or just to relax, our gel mask is here to heal. This collagen eye mask easily forms the shape of your face making sufficient skin contact to give you enough relief.

Variety of Colors:

Our hot cold medical eye mask is available in three different colors. Choose the color you need from Purple, Pink & Blue…

Additional information

Brand Name

little dolphin




Approx. 22 * 11cm(8.2*3.9in)

Function 01

Remove dark circles

Function 02

Promote blood circulation

Function 03

Relieve eyes fatigue


Ideal for home or office use


Sleeping Eye Mask Compress Gel


Eye Care Relaxation


for Swollen Eyes, Dry Eyes and Headache Relief




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